Vote for Ron Smith

Josephine County Commissioner, Position 3

Occupation: Former Small Business Owner, Business Management, Leadership Christians Ministry, Grassroots Organizer, Property Rights Advocate.

Educational Background: Highline High School, Highline Community College, Christian Leadership Training.

Prior Governmental Experience: Ron has worked on the people’s side of government for over twenty years. Defending our property rights, our liberty and our freedom from government overreach and intrusion.

* Nominated “Citizen of the Year 2001” by Cave Junction Chamber of Commerce for his community activism.

Electing Ron You’ll get “The People’s Commissioner”
Born in Josephine county, Ron will represent all the people, a real team player not a politician. He will never forget he works for The People.
He will serve Josephine county with integrity, honesty and with complete transparency.

Ron’s Focus
*Law Enforcement
Ron shall diligently seek out long term funding solutions. He strongly supports the Sheriff’s efforts to reduce crime and the drug epidemic in our communities.

He’ll tirelessly work to alleviate the serious housing shortage in our county. Doing everything possible to simplify the permitting process, reduce regulation and lower costs associated with building reasonably priced housing.

*The Homeless
Ron believes the three pronged approach of affordable housing, drug and alcohol treatment and law enforcement will greatly reduce the tragedy of our county’s homeless population. He positively supports our community organizations that help people end their substance addictions.

A strong supporter of business, small and large, he will do all possible to reduce regulations and streamline developments that create jobs.

* Plus: Ron has years of experience working with state and federal agencies on land use issues. He is resolved to use this knowledge in helping to reduce forest wildfires and smoky summers.

* Conservative
He is done letting politicians waste our tax dollars on nonsense-while we’re robbed by drifters, choked by smoke and gouged by outrageous housing costs.

Remember to Vote for Ron Smith!