Open-Door Policy

Establish a transparent open-door policy to provide an honest, ethical public relationship with all citizens.

This web page is part of being transparent. Also after I’m elected I will publish in the local newspaper what I will call “The Commissioners Corner” a monthly update for the people of Josephine to find out what is happening within county government.

I will always be available to listen to and hear the people’s concerns regarding any subject relating to county government operations.

I will hold regular town hall meetings throughout our county for sessions to listen to citizen’s concerns.

Citizen’s Rights

Make sure that my daily activities demonstrate my commitment to secure and protect each citizen’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

My oath of office is a solemn promise to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic and a commitment I would never break or take lightly.

That would be totally opposite of my principles!